Internet Providers That Do Their Best to Eliminate Porn.
Tired of unsolicted porn? Here is a list of Internet Providers (ISPs) that have local (no long distance) access numbers in Silver City, NM.
If you don't live in Silver City, find and select the link on their web site that will look up your city and tell you the phone numbers that may be local calls in your town.
Again, its up to you to be sure the access number they list is actually a local call for you.
If these sites don't satisfy you, try using to search for the words 'filtered' and 'internet' (without the single quote marks) and find more sites.
I have not used or checked out these providers. So, do your own check on their service, reliabiliy, support, quality of their filtering etc.
Some filter Internet pages. Others filter your e-mail that goes through their site as well.
Not all filters are created equal. Some do a better job than others.
I haven't tested these filters. That's up to you. $19.75/month ($4.95/month Filtering Only**)
American Family Internet $21.95/month ($4.95/month Filtering Only**)
Christian $19.95/mth* (10MB website space) ($5.95/month Filtering Only**)
Covenant Promotions $16.95/month* (100MB website space) ($24.95 No monthly fee. Filtering software installed on your computer.)
Family Safe Viewing $19.95/month* (10MB website space)
Integrity $19.95/month ($49.95/year Filtering Only**)
PK by Promise Keepers $14.95/month ($5.95/month Filtering Only**)
PromiseLink $14.95/mth* (10MB website space)
True Vine Online $19.95/month to month - $14.95/month with a 6-month contract* (10MB website space) ($9.95/month Filtering Only**)

* Space for a personal website is free with service.
**To use their web browsing on-line filtering service with your existing ISP.

If you have any thoughts/information about any of these sites feel free to E-mail me.

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