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Silver City - Gough Park 4-14-2009 Stitched together from 3 Nikon D70 photos.
Non-partisan, Grassroots Tea Party. 600 + in attendance
Democrats, Republicans, Independents as well as Libertarians all showed up.
This was a protest against higher taxes and out-of control spending, not our President.
Which Higher taxes? Federal income tax, State Income Tax, Sales Tax, Gasoline Tax, Energy price increases from the proposed Cap and Trade costs.
Which Higher Spending?  Bailouts of Industry and Banks, etc The $11 trillion in Federal spending over the next few years.
Today we're accruing  $1.2 billion in interest EVERY DAY on our national debt.
However, our President did just announce that he has convened his Cabinet to advise him on how we can cut $100 million in wasteful spending from our ANNUAL budget!

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Tea Party 4-15-09 Gough Park, Silver City, NM