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The Catwalk of Whitewater Canyon
Now a National Recreation Trail it came into being when John Graham built a ore mill in Whitewater Cnayon in 1893.
An 18 inch water line was erected that extended up the canyon to the Confidence Mine and powered the mill.
Suspended by rods mounted in holes drilled into the canyon walls (sometimes 20 feet about the rushing stream below)
it required frequent maintenance. The men who walked up and down the suspended pipe named it "The Catwalk".
Today there are well maintained paths and metal walkways for the casual hiker that cover the first mile of the canyon.
The walk up the canyon can be strenuous for the elderly or those with medical conditions.

Mogollon, almost a Ghost town, is located just 12 miles north of the nearby town of Glenwood.

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The Catwalk